EBN Sports Professional Athletes

Philip Rivers

Chargers Quarterback

8-Ball Nutrition Products help me recover quicker from the daily rigors of being a Quarterback. Glutamine and Flexion give me an edge as far as recovery and joint integrity.

Fred Taylor

Running Back

8-Ball supplements have been tremendous. this is the strongest, fastest and leanest I have felt in a very long time; I attribute a lot of that to my nutritional and supplementation regimen.

Geoff Jenkins

Former Brewers Outfielder

I am excited that I found a reputable supplement company in 8-Ball Nutrition. They offer a wide range of products that suit my needs. Using 8-Ball products in conjunction with my off-season training program, I have achieved some of the best strength gains of my career.

Aaron Boone

Former Yankees Third Baseman

I like knowing the supplements I take from 8-Ball Nutrition are both effective and safe. With this assurance, I will continue to take the products during the season. The single-serve packaging will also be very convenient during the season.

Howie Kendrick

Los Angeles Angels Second Baseman

The supplements I take from 8-Ball Nutrition allow me to recover and be ready to train with great intensity day in and day out. They definitely helped me to achieve my off-season training goals.

Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser

Beach Volleyball

8-Ball products have helped us to recover, build and perform as 2008 Olympic gold medalists and World Champions. As important is the anti-doping and banned substance program by Informed-Choice that is used by all 8-Ball products. Thanks 8-Ball.

Curt Tomasevicz


I use a number of 8-Ball products. Bobsledding is a sport that requires a large amount of leg strength as well as speed. I use Creatine Edge and Flexion after my lifting and sprinting workouts. I use Nocturnal Edge for recovery after intense training days. And I use Whey Protein and Vita Edge for overall health benefits. I also use Neuro Edge on race-day to focus all my energy on into the 5 second bobsled push. I feel safe using the 8-Ball products as we are drug tested regularly and I know the effects aided my training over the years to help me achieve an Olympic Gold Medal.

Niles Paul

Washington Redskins

There is no doubt that the 8-Ball Nutrition products have helped me reach my off season goals and they get me through the weeks of intense training. Playing in the NFL, I need to make sure that day in and day out I am in top physical condition and I must thank 8-Ball Nutrition for helping me perform at the highest of levels. I'm a big believer in Creatine Clear and the Black Betas.

Louis Delmas

Miami Dolphins

The 8-Ball Nutrition products that I used while training with Bommarito Performance have majorly affected my ability to recover and push myself harder during workouts.

Mike Scifres

San Diego Chargers

8-Ball Nutrition products are a big part of my training regimen. I particularly like the benefits from the Herculin and Beta GF Edge.

Eric Weddle

San Diego Chargers

8-Ball Nutrition Products have allowed me to make my biggest gains in the weight room. I stand by their Whey 100 and Beta Alaniene products for gains and quick recovery.

Chip Vaughn

Saskatchewan Roughriders

I used supplements exclusively from FSI while I was preparing for the NFL Combine and the 2009 NFL Draft. I’ve never felt as strong or as fast, or been able to keep my weight up and my body fat down as easily as I did with these products. I even felt more energized during my workouts and just hanging out during the day. I worked hard and trained hard, but I’m convinced that the supplementation program I was on definitely helped make me one of the fastest and strongest safeties at the entire Combine. I’ll continue to use FSI throughout my NFL career.

David Tollefson

The success that I have had using EBN Sports Nutrition supplements exceeded my expectations! I have made big gains in strength and performance as well as increased energy and stamina in my workouts. The products are great and I would definitely recommend EBN Sports for achieving maximum results.

Michael Ray Garvin

I have been taking effervescent creatine since I was 16 years old and I have had amazing results. Before I was taking Creatine Edge, I was on creatine monohydrate and used to always have discomfort in my stomach. When I started usingEBN Sports Nutrition's Creatine Edge, it was a lot easier to absorb and there was no stomach pain. The taste was amazing; it reminded me of grape soda, so I always looked forward to waking up in the morning and taking my daily packet.

Chad Jackson

Omaha Nighthawks

I have been using the FSI EBN Sports products since I first started training for the 2006 NFL Combine. I continued to use these products because they are proven to be safe, and give me the competitive workout edge I need to train as intensely as possible.

Owen Schmitt

If you want to perform at the next level and get that edge, I would recommend the FSI EBN Sports  products. The supplements I took while training helped me maximize my strength, endurance, and recovery.

Nick Davila

Arizona Rattlers

Taking EBN Sports  Nutrition Beta-GF Edge, Glutamine Edge, and Flexion Sport on a daily basis helped my body feel at its best during the hard-hitting Arena Football League season.  My body takes a pounding from the turf and from defenders, but I seemed to recover and bounce back much better while taking the products from EBN Sports .

Alex Guerrero

Los Angeles Dodgers

I can train much harder with much more intensity when I take EBN Sports Nutrition Herculin CNO-3 and Black Betas prior to my workout.  I know that the products have helped me maintain my strength this season because of my improved training intensity.