Proper training is the spark that will start getting your muscles to grow bigger and stronger. Combined with good nutrition and the proper supplementation, having a well periodized (cycled) routine is of utmost importance to achieving good bodybuilding results. The amount of training that is necessary will depend on your goals. Use the articles in this section to expand your knowledge and achieve the results you desire.
Leg Curls
Power Snatch From Floor

Training for Toning Purposes

The goal here is to lose as much fat as it is needed until you reach a goal of 10–12% for women and 8–10% for men. Also a gain of 5lbs. of muscle for women and 10–15lbs for men in order to increase the metabolism, firm up, and increase muscle tone. In order to accomplish this, the exercise strategy is to perform 20–30 minutes of aerobic exercise 3–4 times per week first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Also conduct 3–4 weight training sessions of 30–45 minutes per week utilizing basic exercises such as bench press, chin-ups, and squats.

Leg Lifts on Dip Bar
External Rotation On Knee

Training for Muscle Building

Maximum muscle size with minimum body fat is the goal of bodybuilding. In order to accomplish this, 4–6 weight training sessions of 45–60 minutes composed of basic exercises are required per week. As far as cardiovascular exercise, 3–4 sessions of cardio first thing in the morning (or three hours after a meal) consisting of 20–30 minutes should suffice for most during a mass building phase.
Dumbbell Step Ups
Hammer Grip Chin Ups